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We want to take away the major reason why some people do not comment or join social media websites: your name and personal information.

We believe all comments are important and that comments are often more likely to be frank and open if a person's identity is kept private by using an alias.

Just about all social media websites want your real name, your cell phone number, and your address. They want this information so they can target you for advertising on the website and because they often sell this information to 3rd parties "without your knowledge". Your "consent" is buried in the fine print which most people do not read, unless you happen to be a lawyer.

Using your real name can pose real problems for some people: for example, teachers can easily be "bombed" by the students and parents; other people who are well known in the community may also want to protect their identies for a wide variery of reasons.

For this reason we have permitted aliases or pseudonyms when you sign up. All categories are optional when you sign up. You may want to create a new dedicated email address for this website using gmail, outlook or yahoo or some other free email provider.

You also have direct contact with website administrator by telephone or email if you have questions or concerns. Try doing that with any other social media websites.


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    Posted by Colm, Editor Politicolm June 18, 2014 is a free media hub for member generated political commentary. No Limits (within reason). No Upgrades Needed. Just launched and I am am paddling like crazy. So grab your pen and join in.

    Unfortunately much of the news about the failures in our global society is depressing so people avoid websites like this as a self defense mechanism. That is understandable but dysfunctional. It is my belief that we are on an upward projectory towards more positive news as the people take charge. People will overcome the feeling of helplessness and become more active, more hopeful  in order to create the social change needed to save our Earth.

    If you choose, you can use a pseudonym rather than your real name.

    You probably won't find any professional journalists here but you will find ordinary people with uncommon ideas, views, grievances, beefs, and sometimes "outside the box" solutions.

    Broad causes include human, animal and nature rights while specific causes include: saving democracy; ending corporate control of government; economic equality; protecting our forests; saving our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans; ending factory farming; the abolition of GMO technology; the ending of our abuse of antibiotics in humans and animals; the promotion of a plant based vegan diet; highlighting the negative impact of a Western Diet (which does not simply include junk food and fast food); the promotion of sustainable organic food production; ending our dependence on fossil fuels and promoting all forms of sustainable, people and animal friendly, alternate energy sources. This not an exhaustive list but it is a foundation which we can build on. More info: see my piece "Wellolistic Action" under the Article Tab.

    All proactive individuals, politicians, political candidates, ad hoc community groups and activist organizations are invited to contribute.

    You are invited to blog, publish articles, upload your videos, photos, flyers, posters, form groups, create polls and petitions, invite members to your events, and post 3rd party content to our news feed.

    Join Now. Be Part of the Solution. Network with like minded people.

    Colm Maher, Editor

    PS. Please see our Privacy Statement and Terms of Service. (tabs at bottom of page).

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