Corporations are Not People


    This is a campaign to make people more aware of the real power of corporations that is affecting every aspect of our lives and making decisions for us without the peoples consent or knowledge. Corporations are not democratic institutions: they only answer to their stock holders who are only interested in dollar bills. 

    Our political system currently runs on a donation system dominated by corporations who use the power of their dollars to influence and coerce politicians. This is most evident in the USA and Canada but I am sure it happens worldwide. It’s time to end their power if we want to save and preserve our democracies. 

    Documentary Movies about the Power of Corporations and Why We Should Care 

    1.       The Corporation, history, growth and present status of this fairly new phenomena that is dominating the world right now. Many mega corporations dwarf the GNP of multiple countries.  

    2.      “You, Me and The SPP”, “Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule” a film by Paul Manley available at Lots of Canadian content which applies worldwide.  and 

    3.      “Inside Job “a film that exposes the truth about the economic crisis of 2008. 

    4.      “Thrive”  The ultimate conspiracy movie that is a must watch. Lots of ground covered here: from agriculture and food production to banking, aliens from outer space, cheap energy , role of military, role of government. It will definitely make you ponder the Universe differently. Available at  

    5.      ‘Ehos” is a documentary movie that “lifts the lid on our corrupt system and shows us a simple but powerful way to change the world we live in”